I couldn't even think, in my dreams, for this blog to blow up so much.

I'm glad to know that my solutions are helping people!

Keep visiting this blog, more solutions are to come! As of now, I have no plans of closing this blog, and I plan to continue posting daily. 

Btw, I won't be posting much of these "X views" anymore, since they're getting so frequent lol. I'll only post at some major number of views, like 100K, 150K, 200K, etc.


  1. Anonymous1/11/2022


    Dude your blog has enlightened so many, including me.
    I'm not gonna lie, but I'm very active on AoPS and ever since you started this blog, the AoPS Community has been kind of slow. You basically took over their business lol. Literally half of the ppl on aops use your blog instead of it.

    I think we're looking at the next Richard Rusczyk in the making, if not better.

    Whether you believe it or not, your blog is now the center of attraction for math olympiad students (especially for IMO).

    (btw get custom domain... the .blogspot.com ending looks unprofessional)

  2. Anonymous1/12/2022


    @anonymous I don't think we're looking at the next richard ruscyzk

    i think we're looking at the next terence tao + albert einstein + paul erdos + srinivasa ramanujan + richard ruscyzk

    some people like to help
    but they don't know much themselves

    some people know a lot
    but they don't help others

    but people like him are very few in the world
    and we need more of them

    this guy has touched so so so many people's math olympiad career

    I sincerely thank you for making this blog, and helping out me and many others.

  3. thanks @anonymous#1 and @anonymous#2! :)

    also scratch what i said before im almost at 100k views now so im just going to stop posting these "X views" at all lol

  4. schukkayapally1/12/2022


    i agree with both anonymous's posts

    i legit have no words

    you literally posted this yesterday and now u hv 100k views lol

    also, i love the new css, it makes ur blog look way more professional
    but still bro
    get a custom domain!! the domain itself is more important than making the css look professional
    just get it


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