I will be posting higher quality math olympiad problems from now on. Using the random math olympiad problem generator Python program (which I had posted before), most problems are not high quality. 

So, in the Python code, I have now removed the olympiads that do not have many good problems. 

My updated list from which the computer randomizes looks like this: 

  1: "IMO Shortlist",
  2: "IMO Shortlist",
  3: "APMO",
  4: "Austrian-Polish",
    5: "Balkan MO Shortlist",
    6: "Balkan MO Shortlist",
    7: "Baltic Way",
    8: "Benelux",
    9: "EGMO",
    10: "Iranian Geometry Olympiad",
    11: "Romanian Masters of Mathematics",
    12: "Silk Road",
    13: "Tournament of Towns",
    14: "USA BAMO",
    15: "USA ELMO Shortlist",
    16: "USA ELMO Shortlist",
    17: "USA USEMO",
    18: "USA Math Prize for Girls Olympiad",
    19: "USA TST",
    20: "USA TSTST",
    21: "USAJMO",
    22: "Canada National Olympiad",
    23: "Greece TST",
    24: "Greece National Olympiad",
    25: "China TST",
    26: "India IMO Training Camp",
    27: "India National Olympiad",
    28: "India Regional MO",
    29: "Iran TST",
    30: "Turkey MO (2nd round)",
    31: "International Zhautykov Olympiad",
    32: "IMO Shortlist",
    33: "IMO Shortlist",
    34: "IMO Shortlist",
    35: "IMO Shortlist",
    36: "IMO Shortlist",
    37: "IMO Shortlist",
    38: "IMO Shortlist",
    39: "IMO Shortlist",
    40: "IMO Shortlist",
    41: "IMO Shortlist"

There are so many IMO Shortlists because I want them to appear frequently lol :D


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